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Sep 19

Handisc Exhibiting at South East Business Expo

South East Business Show

Come and see us at the South East Business Show on the 27th October

Sep 19

Handisc tackles the “Race to the Stones”

Handisc Team

Find out how we got on when Handisc took part in the Race to the Stones. It’s a 100km non stop walk along Britain’s oldest path and not to be taken lightly. So we found out……….

Nov 07

The Epson PP100 just got a make over…. meet the Epson PP-100II


The Epson PP-100 Disc Producer, with its Best In Class accuracy, really has become one of the industry’s leading disc duplicating and inkjet printing system. Once again Epson have listened to what our customers want and the PP-100, now known as the PP-100II has been tweaked to become even better.

Jun 03

Cassette: the comeback King

Cassette Tape

Seems like only yesterday that we were copying and distributing audio cassettes by the lorry load, but now it seems, even with endless downloads available at the mere touch of a screen, the cassette is looking to making a comeback!

May 13

New Label Solutions Site!

Handisc Label Solutions is the new label specific site from Handisc.

Apr 30

A look inside the Microtech X3 Disc Publisher

Here is a brief introduction to the new Microtech X3 disc publisher. Full colour thermal disc printing with full automation.

Jan 23

Epson PP-100BD – Blu-Ray Disc Publisher

Epson Discproducer PP-100IIBD

The Epson PP-50BD’s big brother has now arrived….The Epson PP-100IIBD. With 2 x Pioneer PR1 Series Blu-ray drives, the PP-110IIBD can burn and print at least 8 Blu-ray discs in a hour………………………

Jan 04

Are 3D Printers the next big thing?

The speed at which technology evolves is breath taking. It was only a few years ago that labels were being hand applied to discs, now it appears we can just click a button and a customised, beautifully, photographic discs are generated within seconds in front of our eyes.  The same it seems applies to 3D …

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Nov 22

Another reason why the DVD is a must

The method benefits from what began as imperfections in the production process

The BBC yesterday published a great article on how researchers in the US have hugely boosted the sensitivity of a widespread imaging and sensing technique, using just an off-the-shelf DVD.

Nov 21 – Duplicator Consumables and Accessories

shop handisc logo

It can be daunting when purchasing duplicator consumables online. Are you selecting the right cartridge? Is it a genuine cartridge or a replica? Have you picked the right disc, print surface for your printer?

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