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Useful tips to help you get the most from you iPod or iPhone

Jun 21

Get more from your iPhone – Increase the battery life in 20 seconds

iPhone Screen

At Handisc we love our iPhones but one thing that could always be improved is battery life. Here’s how to improve yours for free in 20 seconds.

Aug 17

iPhone Tips – Taking a picture or screen grab of your iPhone screen

Here is a great little trick for taking a picture of whatever is on your Iphone screen.

Aug 13

We are Handisc & A tip for you iPod

So we might be a relatively new company but we have a lot of experience.

What we aim to do on this blog is offer advice, latest news and throw in some great tips. These tips might be to get the most out of you disc duplicator or just something interesting we’ve picked up along the way.