Jul 10

Blu-Ray Replication – Making Blu-ray a viable option

Blu-ray replication can be scary prospect.  Although following the well trodden path of CD and DVD replication, Blu-ray replication has a few extra steps that unfortunately add a few extra £’s to the procedure.  All replicated Blu-ray discs MUST include AACS copy protection, which will add a few 00’s to your production cost, alongside the specific hard coating that a Blu-ray disc requires.

Handisc however, alongside Microtech can open your company up to the world of Blu-ray duplication.  For the average production, a Microtech Blu-ray duplicator can help you avoid the cost of replication.  Unlike replication, duplication does not require a glass master as the data is burnt directly to an already manufactured Blu-ray disc, further reducing your costs.  If your data storage is greater than 25GB, do not fear as dual layer Blu-ray is on hand to hold an impressive 50GB worth of data.

Microtech’s range of Blu-ray duplicators are 24 hour production systems, so on runs less than 1,000 units you can expect a far more economical method of production than replication.  Falcon Media’s range of Blu-ray discs comes with both a thermal and inkjet printable surface, so your discs will look as equally as impressive.

Microtech Xpress XL Teac P55C


Not sure you want to make the jump into purchasing your own Blu-ray duplicator?  Here at Handisc we can do the entire process for you.  Call our Team on 01264 335118 or mail info@handisc.co.uk