Nov 18

Product Spotlight: Microboards SD & MicroSD Card Duplicator

With everyone tightening their budgets, a reusable storage device such as an SD (Secure Digital) Card is becoming more and more popular.  Companies, such as those that have on the road engineers, or require regular map/drain/pipe updates are looking for a fast and effective way to distribute data on a regular basis and SD cards are ideal!
SD Card Tower Duplicator

SD & MicroSD Card, Tower Duplicator

The price of SD cards has reduced dramatically in previous years and is a competitive and cost effective format to distribute data, against the single USB Key or multiple discs, but how do you update multiple SD cards?

Like the standard USB Key and discs, here at Handisc we have a great standalone SD and MicroSD duplicator.  With CopyWriter’s tried and tested technology, the SD duplicator is very efficient, comes in three options: 7, 11 or 15 slot capacity and is very easy to use.  No PC is required, so the SD Tower Duplicator is very portable and ideal for offsite duplication (mains power is required).

The SD Duplicator has fully asynchronous copying technology and also a large memory cache that enables every one of the 7,11 or 15 slots to be used
independently.  Bit for Bit level comparisons ensure that each SD card copied is identical to that of the master SD card and with a simple erase function, you have the added benefit of deleting data from multiple SD or MicroSD cards.

CopyWriters SD and MicroSD Duplicator is developed by industry leading Microboards, so as standard these standalone duplicators come with 1 year warranty and lifetime phone support.  When purchased through Handisc, the SD and MicroSD Duplicator is fully supported by our technical team,
so from the moment you open the box to the duplicator being fully functional, you have support all the way.

A spec sheet of the SD and MicroSD Duplicator can be downloaded from our website http://handisc.co.uk/SD-Tower-Duplicator.html

For further information, please call 01264 335118, email@ info@handisc.co.uk or visit out online shop http://shop.handisc.co.uk/sd-amp-microsd-card-duplicators

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