Nov 15

At your service

Over the years we have sold a lot of disc duplicators to all different businesses and markets. Each system is used in different ways and most play a vital part in making sure companies get their data, image, product or service out there. So how can we ensure that these duplicators keep running efficiently and that they are ready when you need them most.

We have found that the number one way to get the most out of your duplicator is regular servicing. Our engineers will clean, calibrate, test and update your system to ensure it doesn’t let you down. If your duplicator is key to the every day running of your business then we would recommend you talk to our support team about service agreements but maybe you already have a duplicator and feel its starting to show it’s age. For £75 Handisc will give your system a full service.

This includes:

  • Stripping and cleaning the system through
  • Full Calibration
  • Firmware and critical software updates
  • Print and recording quality tests
  • Quote for any upgrades or repairs that are available
  • Option to take a support agreement going forward

We can even come to you if the system is to big to ship or in constant use. We might need to increase the cost for travel but this would be worked out per case.

Perhaps your system wasn’t supplied by Handisc in the first place. This is no problem. We are trained to work with most duplicators and at worst will be able to advise you who else to speak to. We have serviced many systems that we hadn’t sold and this then allows us to offer some great support packages when others can no longer help.

Regular servicing ensures that no issues are caused by wear and tear. We quite often resolve issues before they become big, costly problems and can often speed up or advise on processes to ensure you’re getting the most out of your system.

Call an Engineer today on 01264 335118 and find out what we can do for you. You might just be surprised at how little it costs (if anything) to get a lot more out of your duplicator.