Aug 22

Archival CD-R Discs from Falcon Professional

Falcon Archival CD-R
Falcon Archival CD-R

Falcon Media’s Archival Gold CD-R integrates a double reflective layer of both Gold and Silver to ensure highest compatibility. The 24K gold layer offers maximum resistance to environmental degradation. Especially corrosion which is one of the major causes of discs failure in standard media. While the silver layer delivers high reflectivity and broad drive compatibility.

Archival Gold CD-R has been tested in accelerated aging tests under severe storage conditions: high temperature and high humidity.

The results confirm a safe storage of information for more than 300 years.

FalconMedia Century CD-R media are available with premium printable surfaces for inkjet and thermal printing, fully compatible with professional duplicators and printers. 

For more details on Archival Discs please contact Handisc on 01264 335118 or info@handisc.co.uk.

Alternatively please check out our consumables page where you will see most Falcon Professional Discs listed. – Blank Media Page