Apr 30

A look inside the Microtech X3 Disc Publisher

The Microtech X3 is Microtech’s  all in one, automated publishing system.  The X3 comes with:

  • 300 disc capacity (when unattended),
  • 3 x DVD Combo and/or Blu-ray recorder,
  • Automated printing: using either the K2 Colour Thermal Photo Quality Printer OR Xpression Black or Single Colour Thermal Printer
  • Microtech’s Imager Maker Suite of programs


Microtech X3 Open
                                                                   Microtech X3 Open

The Microtech X3 can cope with all 4 media types and whether you’re looking to either print/over print a single line of black text, or a full photo quality image, the X3 gives you complete flexibility.

The X3, allows you to duplicate and print different media types, different layouts completely unattended and with a reduced footprint, fits into any production area.

For more information, visit our Microtech X3 page or download the spec sheet here.  At Handisc, we are the recommended Microtech Sales, Service and Support site in the UK and with over 14 years industry experience, we can offer you complete peace of mind before and after purchasing your Microtech System.

If you have any questions, why not contact our Microtech Tech Team directly on 01264 335118 or email alex.ashur@handisc.co.uk.