Monthly Archive: March 2012

Mar 24

Data Fulfilment, Distribution & Project Management

The market place is flooded with companies able to duplicate or replicate your discs and USB Keys, but what if your requirements are a little more complicated than the normal…

Mar 22

What is the “AutoRun” function on USB Keys?

Key series USB Key

All of Handisc’s custom printed/custom made USB Keys all now come with the option of having an AutoRun function, but what is it and how will it benefit you?

Mar 20

ZX81 vs Raspberry PI


31 years ago , Sinclair Research bought us the ZX81 a small, black, computer with 1K of memory.  Today we now have the Raspberry PI, a credit card size, budget computer, but principally what has changed? The ZX81 helped spark a generation of programming wizards!  It didn’t do colour or sound  and you would have …

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Mar 09

SD Card, MicroSD and Compact Flash Duplication

SD Card

With the ever evolving market of digital storage, it is important that here at Handisc we stay ahead of what our customers need. With USB Keys becoming very popular in the promotional market, SD cards and Compact Flash (CF) are becoming a good, reliable source of data distribution for companies. With many handheld devices using SD and …

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Mar 02

Use both physical & digital to get the most from your data

As a duplication company we hear all the time “oh the disc is old technology” and “we have no need, we are online,” but the truth is there is still a place in society for the disc.

Mar 02

Handisc has some exciting news! We have a new arrival!

Handisc is happy to announce that Karen Williams has joined the Team! With over 10 years experience providing duplicaiton services and equipment at CD Team she is another great addition to Handisc.