Apr 20

10 Things you didn’t know about Handisc

Here are 10 things you may or may not already know about Handisc.

1. We sell the worlds only Automated Nintendo Wii Duplicator.


2. We might be a relatively new company but we have over 16 years experience selling, building, Installing, training & supporting duplication equipment.

3. Our Copywrite Towers potentially offer the lowest copy protection for DVD Video on the market.


4. We have the fastest karting team in Andover


5. We can offer same day turnaround on certain duplication jobs. If you have your master with us in the morning or via FTP we can copy, print and pack your discs that day for you either to collect, direct van or have delivered the next morning.


6. All of our USB Keys come with a 10 year warranty


7. We are official Microtech distributors as well as Microboards, Epson & Falcon Authorised Partners. This allows us to offer great pricing, service & support on all of their products.

8. We’re not just box shifters! As well as selling duplication equipment we also run a duplication service in house. The means we can give first hand advice as we run the equipment we sell.

9. We’re based in Andover, Hampshire. 40 minutes from London but great access to the rest of the UK.

10. Size matters! We can copy terabytes of data for you. With our hard drive duplication service you can distribute as much data as you need.