Sep 08

10 Reasons that make the Microtech Xpress a must have for Games Developers

Never before has there been one system that ticks all the boxes when it comes to pre-release game production. Here are 10 reasons why the Microtech Xpress does the job.

Microtech Xpress XP
Microtech Xpress XP

1. Flexibility – The Microtech Xpress is the only system in the world that can produce disc for Wii / Xbox / PS3 and PC all at the same time. The 6 Drive Xpress XP runs with two Wii and four Blu-Ray recorders and has the option to run up to 3 media types simultaneously. Queue up you jobs for whatever platform you want and leave the Xpress to it.

2. Speed – The Xpress is a fully automated system and because of the amount of recorders and processing power it holds the system will run at the highest recording speeds possible. The recorders also run asynchronously meaning that as soon as one drive is loaded it starts to record. Every function runs independently of the other to provide maximum throughput.

3. Security – All of the Microtech’s are Windows based giving you the operation system security needed. You can run virus checker and any company patches needed as the OS is standard. For physical security some models in the range have lockable covers, doors and even key pad entry systems to remove discs. The Xpress helps you take control of your companies disc production.

4. Tracking – The Xpress comes standard with the ability to uniquely fingerprint the data on each disc produced if needed.  Combine this with barcode printing and serialisation to keep track of every disc you produce. (Check out the blog on fingerprinting for more info). The system also logs everything it does which helps security but also support. If the system has an error there is no reading back messages off the screen to your service agent. Just mail the logs over and we can work through the error and diagnose the cause.

5. Printing – Print on everything you produce to avoid confusion and add security. The Xpress can even print on the Nintendo Wii discs using it’s ImageAligner Camera. (Explained in the ImageAligner Blog) There are various print options available including both Thermal & Inkjet Technology. You can print black thermal every day for you simple in house test purposes and then switch to full colour for those marketing runs.

6. Integration – Microtech’s API comes standard with the Xpress Range. This allows you to integrate the system into your own front-end and gives you complete control of it’s functions. Add your own tracking or fingerprinting and control the system in your fully automated environment.

7. Quality – We only use the highest spec recorders and components to ensure the quality of your output is as good as can be. We would recommend you only use professional grade discs to keep your production at this level.

8. Support – Support is key when investing in a system like this because you become very dependant on it quickly. That’s why Handisc’s trained engineers are on hand to help with the integration, Installation and on going support of the system. Installation and training is included on each system and we have a range of support packages to suit your need. With the Microtech’s modular robotics and “hot-swap” drives / printer down time will be kept to a minimum.

9. Cost – Cost is always key and even though the Microtech Xpress is not the cheapest duplicator out there it offers the best value for money. Nothing can offer the flexibilty of the Xpress and there is no cost per disc when you come to fingerprint or serialise. Once you have bought the system it’s yours to produce what you want.

10. Experience – The Xpress is already the number one system for games production and we at Handisc have helped developers grow for the past 14 years. If you need help creating or updating your mastering lab then get in touch and make the most of that experience.

Even if you just after a little advice or to talk through any ideas you have, please feel free to contact us on +44 (0) 1264 335118 | info@handisc.co.uk | www.handisc.co.uk

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